When Should You Hire A DWI Lawyer

You may not need to hire a Fort Bend DWI lawyer if you are involved in a DWI case for the first time. You can proceed without a DWI attorney if this is your first DWI with a minor in your vehicle, high alcohol content in your blood or not charged for any aggressive offence like reckless driving. But you can enjoy the benefits of hiring an experienced attorney if you are a second time or repeated DWI offender as they are familiar with the system of the court as well as the laws to plead your case. They are capable of going through the complex procedures of the court very easily.

Get opinion in your case: You need a DWI lawyer if you want to have his opinion about the weakness and strength of your DWI case. Getting the opinion of experienced attorneys on your case can help you in making right decisions even if you are pleading it yourself as first time offender. It will help you in know your strong and weak points that can affect the fate of your case.

Bargain a plea: In certain zones there are possibilities of bargaining the plea. In such jurisdictions you enjoy the benefits of hiring a DWI lawyer. In certain DWI cases where the results of BAC test are inconclusive attorneys can help in changing your serious DWI offenses like reckless driving to lesser serious offenses like misconduct etc. Though these charges are also punishable but the sentence will be less harsh than that of reckless driving. Your lawyer can justify the facts during trial in such cases.

In case of second DWI offence: You will have to hire a DWI lawyer if this is not your first DWI offence. You should not worry about the cost of these attorneys as most of them offer various types of discounts or credit plans to pay their fee to the repeated offenders.

Plead guilty: If you are involved in a non-injury DWI case for the first time then even an experienced DWI lawyer cannot do anything for you as certainty of conviction in such cases is very high. Attorneys cannot help you in pleading your guilty during the settlement conference of the case or on the next hearing in the court even if you have hired them or not as the result of such DWI cases is very common. You will have to face the consequences whether your lawyer pleads your guilty or not.

Things to consider while hiring a DWI attorney

You should search for a Fort Bend drug lawyer having specialised in drug or DWI  laws of your state as these laws vary with every state. They must be familiar with the procedures of the court and how best to represent your individual case in the court. You can shop around and compare the cost of various attorneys in your state to find a suitable one for you. Before making final decision you can fix a consultation appointment with the lawyer of your choice to know his interest in your case.